The Council

Executive Officers of the Council include: President, Alumni Advisor(s), VP Operations, VP External, VP Internal, and Class Representatives. In order to hold office as an Executive Officer of the Council, the individual must maintain a 2.5 GPA and actively participate in all aspects of the Society.

The President, or Chairman of the Council is the leader of the Society. The President is responsible for maintaining the direction and purpose of the Society during his or her term. Their signature is the second required on any financial transaction. The President directs all Council meetings.

Alumni Advisor(s):
This title is given to any past executive member who continues to provide voluntary support to the Society as an alumnus. They will typically provide relevant advice to the president based on their past experience. These members may sit in on any Council meetings and participate in Society events, but cannot vote or hold office.

VP Operations:
The VP of Operations maintains all finances of the Society, and is the first signing authority for all transactions (President is the second signing authority). They also act as the secretary for all Council meetings; responsibilities which include but are not limited to arranging the meetings, preparing the meeting agendas, and the recording of minutes during the meetings. The VP of Operations also assists the other VP’s as required.

VP External:
The external VP is responsible for the organization of Professional Events outside the jurisdiction of the internal VP. This includes but is not limited to; Tech talks, tours, and student conferences. The external VP is also responsible for communications with other organizations, such as the PEO and PAC.

VP Internal:
The internal VP is responsible for the organization of social events, and the interaction of the Society with other schools and student organizations. This includes but is not limited to; internal engineering societies, Conestoga Students Inc., and other student networks. The internal VP is also responsible for arranging FROSH week events, and student graduation. The Event Director assists the internal VP with event planning.

Web & Media Director
The Web & Media Director works closely with the Operations VP and is appointed by the Council based on skill, ability and personal drive. Their responsibilities include maintaining the Society website, providing media coverage on any of the events CES participates in and any other computer technical expertise as required by the Council.

Class Representatives:
Class Representatives present relevant issues from each class to the Council. They assist the executive members with event planning, coordination, and execution of events. Class Representatives are ideally placed in the Society to eventually move on to become Council executive members in future years.

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