Election Polls now open!

Hello Everyone,

Election polls are now open on ANGEL. To access voting follow these steps:

  1. Log on to angel
  2. Go to Conestoga Engineering Society under Community Groups
  3. Select the “Content” Tab
  4. In the Content screen click the link for “Voting for VP External”
  5. Choose your candidate and click submit

Please note that Polls close on April 14th at midnight.

If you have any issues please notify me at VPO_CES@conestogac.on.ca immediately!

CES Nomination Results!

Hello Everyone,

As you all know Friday was the final day for nomination forms. Please join myself and the rest of the CES Executives in congratulating Jamie Hobson, Graham Moore, and Connor Olsen who ran unopposed for President, VP Operations, and VP Internal, respectively.

The election will be held April 14th 2011 (the method of voting is still to be determined) for VP External. Nominees for the position are:

· Ian Hillier

· John Wisenberg

Candidates will officially take office at the beginning of the upcoming fall semester.


Gary Seelen

Conestoga Engineering Society
Vice President Operations