2015 Executive Election Candidates


Zack Muma for Conestoga Engineering Society President

I am currently in my third year of MSE for those who don’t know me.  When I am not studying. I am snowboarding, biking, canoeing, 3D printing or enjoying a craft beer.

I am currently Vice President of Operations for CES.  Below are highlights of my past involvement with the society:

  • Brought new coveralls to the society
  • Setup Square reader / PayPal account for the society
  • Setup computer based accounting for the society
  • Volunteered for CFES PM (this was a conference run by CES)
  • Was on the 2014 Frosh committee
  • Was on the 2014 NEM committee
  • Have attended almost every conference for both CFES and ESSCO

If elected I wish to:

  • Create a new tradition that CES members can take pride in
  • Ensure the society has a better presence among ESE students
  • Improve the Societies presence all-round but especially in the fall term
  • Improve communication with all members of CES

If you have any questions or comments about my campaign please contact me at: Zmuma-cc@conestogac.on.ca


Adam Kolb for Conestoga Engineering Society Vice President Internal.

I’m a 2nd year MSE student. I enjoy skiing, swimming, a nice cold beer,  and of course long walks on the beach.

This year I was a National Engineering Month co-director. The past year I have:

– organized and attended high-school visits to promote the field of engineering
– helped build Conestoga’s Rube Goldberg machine
– helped as a volunteer at CFES PM
– assisted with Mathletics
– stole the Ryerson Ram (their engineering mascot)

If elected as VPI I plan to:

– run awesome engineering society events
– plan an annual nurses and engineers night
– increase the society’s visibility in ESE
– increase turn out to society events

If you have any other questions for me, please feel free to email me at akolb@conestogac.on.ca


Paul Gill for Vice President of Operations

I am currently a third year MSE student looking to get involved with CES. Outside of school I play a lot of hockey, golf and do a lot of mountain biking during the summer and fall.

As a student running for Vice President of Operations I am looking to both improve the current processes involved with the position, and implement new ideas. In the past I took part in the 2013 Frosh as a member of the committee and have participated in several CES events over the years.

If elected I wish to:

  • Continue improving the new additions made by the previous VPO of 2013/14.
  • Improve the overall communication between CES and its members.
  • Help maintain a focus on the events held by CES, along with the creation of new ones that are more inclusive for the MSE and ESE student bodies as a whole.

Feel free to contact me at pgill-cc@conestogac.on.ca if you have any questions or comments regarding my campaign.


Amir Kiassat for Vice President External

Conestoga Engineering Competition

Hello everyone!

Competition season is coming up early next year so it’s time to sign up for the Ontario Engineering Competition qualifier, AKA the Conestoga Engineering Competition. So how does it work? Teams of four compete in either Junior Design or Senior Design (1st and 2nd are Juniors and 3rd and 4th years are Seniors). We will be basing our competition off of previous Ontario Engineering Competitions so you’ll have a better idea what to expect going into it if you win.

CES will be taking the top teams from each category to the Ontario Engineering Competition held at McMaster University in Hamilton. The winning teams will be sent to the competition with all expenses paid. You just have to show up and win!

So fill out the form to come to the qualifier! Any questions can be emailed to VPE_CES@conestogac.on.ca!

Two years ago, Conestoga came in first place at OEC in Senior Design in our first appearance at OEC ever. University Engineering students jaws hit the floor. We even got mentioned in Federal Parliament! Let’s continue the tradition of showing the Universities that we are here to stay!