Welcome to the Conestoga Engineering Society’s (CES) web portal. CES is a student association for the undergraduate engineering students and alumni of Conestoga ITAL. We exist to help the engineering students! If there is anything we can do for you that we aren’t doing already, just let us know.

Mission Statement:
To provide representation for the undergraduate and alumni engineering students of
Conestoga ITAL while simultaneously expanding the students’ professional and social

To provide academic, social, and professional opportunities to the undergraduate and
alumni engineering students of Conestoga ITAL while consolidating the program’s
growth, recognition and authority as an accredited Engineering Degree Program in


As part of our efforts to better represent our students we are members of two engineering student society organizations:

ESSCO-LogoESSCO is an organization that facilitates communication between all the engineering societies in Ontario. ESSCO represents approximately 24 000 engineering students at 16 post secondary institutions across the province. ESSCO is the liaison with the PEO (Professional Engineers of Ontario), OSPE (Ontario Society of Professional Engineers), and CODE (Council of Ontario Deans of Engineering).

cfes_fceg_logoThe CFES aims to provide bilingual opportunities in support of an all-encompassing education for engineering students in Canada to become unparalleled professionals in their field.

If you want to learn more about our membership visit there websites available on our links page, here.


A big thank you goes out to Prof. Tam Nguyen who has generously funded the hosting of this website for the next 7 years!

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